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Posted 27 March 2012 - 07:41 PM

Bad new coming from the scene as DYCUS has lost his life to cancer. My condolences to his friends and family.

Statement from Razor1911


We would like to take the oppotunity to thank our dear friend dycus for what
he has put not only into rzr but also into the whole scene.

Everyone in our group knew he had a hard life, being in hospital all the time.
But he still managed to do amazing things. He was the one behind many Trainers
and without him even our few releases wouldn't have seen the light of day as
he was the best game tester you could think of. Always full of new ideas and
willing to learn everything in coding.

For our historical scene friends we will show some steps in his scene career

1. Dycus joined DBC (Da Breaker Crew) which doesn't exist anymore.
He tried to crack, code and learned every possible thing you can think of.
2. Dycus joined Lz0. That was when DBC died because of the risk it was to be a
public web cracking group.
3. Dycus joined SoulDrinker and Deviance as a tester. He always told me that
this was the break in his scene life as he met a lot nice people there and
which to have stayed there. But as we all know these two groups died as well.
4. After a long time of no activity he joined a new group called Ascension.
At first it was really great, he learned to train games even better.
But soon he realized that the leader was playing a false game. He stole
unreleased games from another group and he decided that this was not right
and against his morals so he quit.
5. Dycus however couldn't stop and he released a couple of Trainers on his own
under the group ReUNiON. But being the only group member is boring and so
he came to the one and only Razor 1911 as tester and coder. We enjoyed coding
installers, trainers and helped the others fix coding problems. Until one day
when he didn't came back to ircd....

We hope you finally found your peace, as you deserve it. You've been struggling and
fighting the cancer way too long. Nobody deserves to be struggling with an desease
like that. We won't ever forget you in the group. And we would like to give our
condoleances to your family and friends, who also have to miss you! Thanks for
being yourself and thanks for all the good talks you had with anyone who wanted it.

We miss you! And we will never forget you!

Your friends in Razor1911 and Razor1911 Demo Devision!

-[thoughts about him from his old groups]---------------

Dear Dycus,

For a long time you did a great job in our humble family and with your knowledge,
your effort and your great sense of humor! You were one of the key factors to how
we managed to grow and prosper. Therefore it's a sad day when we now learned that
you have passed away. Cancer is never a good thing - it's a long and hard battle.
Sadly you didn't make it...
You've been a great inspiration to us, to what you can achieve if you just set your
eyes on the goal? And with great determination one can always succeed with ones
dreams. You did... Even though our ways parted several years ago we still kept in
touch, you always had your thoughts on how things evolved, quick wit and always
there with some kind remarks. The world will not be the same without you -
the empty spot you leave behind cannot easily be filled...
We will miss you...

Team Linezer0

src: http://nfomation.net...S-Razor1911.nfo

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:36 AM

I remember this name and DBC.
Sad to see such a decent person taken too soon.

Dycus will live on in our memories.
Condolences to his family.
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#3 demetron



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Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:03 AM

:o my salute to Dycus,you will always be remembered here.

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 04:43 PM

It is always sad to see someone young die especially someone you know. I remember him back from 2008 when he used to be active around here...fuck... first ksbunker now this is second person i know on GH scene that dies.

Rest in peace....i will always remember him. He was one funny and nice fella :(

PS: thanks for letting us know kemicza i would have missed that nfo, i always wondered where he disappeared...he never told us about his disease or problems.
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not really =(

#5 Borgert



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Posted 29 March 2012 - 08:48 PM

I read about it on IRC. So sad even though I didn't know him.

#6 RiSiCO



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Posted 31 March 2012 - 09:02 PM

Good bye old friend.
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#7 ChrisO.



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Posted 07 April 2012 - 07:05 PM

goodbye a rest in peace

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Posted 06 June 2012 - 08:24 PM

i enjoyed the back and forth with dycus on mIRC channels. those guys ribbed me pretty hard. had some funny discussions and also some deeper ones as well. i also learned a thing or two along the way. i think we all knew this day was coming.. sorry i just got word about it so late. condolences to his family and all who knew him much better than i did.



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