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cheat engine 6.1 doom3

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#1 nasheba



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Posted 16 September 2011 - 03:45 AM

i am a non native English speaker so

please pardon me, my English sucks :(

and i am new to game hacking so as a test

and one of my favorite game i tried to hack

Doom3. when hacking Doom3 with tsearch i

can easily find ammo,health etc, and

make a trainer with TMK.

but when i load with cheat engine 6.1 and

make a trainer the trainer does not work.

ok now what am i doing wrong here.

is there anyone to help me solve this


Thank you for at least reading this

garbage :) :)

#2 keng



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Posted 16 September 2011 - 02:50 PM

Hello! My English is also not native, so I'm sorry too for it's quality. =)

As I understood, in Artmoney you have searched for some addresses (health, ammo etc), and then in TMK's trainer you've got an options to freeze and also to set the addresses values to something you wished. If that is right, I suggest that the game just uses DMA, so every time you restart it the addresses you've found previously get changed and the trainer won't work at all. If so, you've got to find some pointer-scan tutorials over this forum, use code-injection (requires basic asm knowledge, tuts are also here) and try then. The game code is always placed on the same location (even if you reinstall or restart the game), so code-injection will always work, except there will be another version of the game (trainer for v1.0 but game is v1.2).

You haven't posted any information (excepting the game's name and the programs you used), so tell us a bit more, please. :D
My russian [gamehacking blog].

#3 nasheba



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Posted 05 May 2012 - 01:14 PM

Thank you very much keng
I will soon posted the code
i will need to install doom3 again

Till now i just lost hope in game hacking
keng you are a saviour thanks once again appreciated

Sorry for my bad English

#4 nasheba



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Posted 11 June 2012 - 04:57 PM

sorry i was damn BZee.
If someone has the time to help me, than your most welcome.
Thank you

Doom3 v1.0
this code is for the pistol ammo i am using Cheat Engine 6.2

//code from here to '[DISABLE]' will be used to enable the cheat
alloc(newmem,2048) //2kb should be enough

newmem: //this is allocated memory, you have read,write,execute access
//place your code here

mov [ecx+esi*4+14],eax <<<<<<<<<<<<<< this line is what i found when i did, Find out what writes to this address. i have no idea how to reverse this code to say 999 ammo
mov eax,[gamex86.dll+43EE14]

jmp returnhere

jmp newmem

//code from here till the end of the code will be used to disable the cheat
mov [ecx+esi*4+14],eax
mov eax,[gamex86.dll+43EE14]
//Alt: db 89 44 B1 14 A1 14 EE 43 10

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